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“Our shrimps are born and raised in the U.S.A.”

85% of Shrimp imports from 7 under development Countries to the USA worth nearly $4.3 billion and destroyed USA jobs. 'We grow the highest quality shrimp produced on the market in terms of taste and freshness for the finest eating experience right here in the U.S.A.'


Is your favorite seafood toxic? Overseas fisheries are not only impacting American jobs but Americans’ health too. NBC’s Jeff Rossen investigates the hidden filth and toxins of some imported seafood. Watch the video here:

View the Channel 5 Chronicle segment: 'Australian fish and Pacific shrimp, raised in local tanks' SKy8 comes in the second part of the video at 2:46

• SKy8 Shrimp Farm, LLC is the featured article in the May 2013 Seafood Business Magazine. Read the article here, pages 40 & 46.

Seafood Business Magazine featured article is SKy8 Shrimp Farm, LLC click link to read

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Below are pertinent links to articles from all over the country about SKy8 Shrimp Farm LLC and how our methods are healthier and a better alternative to traditional shrimp farming.

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• Commonwealth of MA, Division of Marine Fisheries, 'decrease 72% of Northern Shrimp'

fox 25 feature video with sky8 shrimp farm and bsoton restaraunt reviews