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“Our shrimps are born and raised in the U.S.A.”

We are pleased to introduce to you, GOURMET WHITE SHRIMP, truly fresh, sustainable, natural, and local. Available 365 days a year regardless of weather.

Gourmet White Shrimp

We grow the highest quality shrimp product on the market in terms of taste, texture and freshness for the finest eating experience. This truly fresh product is in stark contrast to any shrimp products in the marketplace today.

GOURMET WHITE SHRIMP are raised in a closed indoor seawater facility in total harmony with nature. Our growing system is a zero water exchange facility. Because our farm is indoors, there is no evironmental impact. Our water is recycled through each successive crop. We have a very small “carbon footprint” because there is no damage of any type to the environment. There is no disruption of coastal habitats or encroachment of coastal eco-systems. The water we grow our shrimp in is heated and heats the facility as a byproduct. This remarkable low impact operation produces a shrimp with an unprecedented taste and crispy texture.

gourmet white shrimp are all natural free of chemicals antibiotics and hormones

GOURMET WHITE SHRIMP are fed a diet of only the finest, purest, all natural ingredients formulated at our proprietary feed plant to ensure a premium product with unparalleled taste.

GOURMET WHITE SHRIMP are all natural; free of chemicals, antibiotics and hormones.

We harvest daily to bring you the freshest, tastiest shrimp available in the market. GOURMET WHITE SHRIMP are shipped to you fresh, head on, shell on and packed to your specifications. Our shrimp are never treated with preservatives or chemicals like sodium tripolyphosphate which means they must be eaten within 4 days of harvest.


Latin Name




Source of Stock



Litopenaeus or Pacific whiteleg shrimp

Fresh, whole, as they come out of the water

22-25 gm. (16/20 count per pound)

Taken from the Atlantic, purified with ozone, UV and particulate filters

Post larval shrimp are purchased from certified breeding hatcheries in the United States

Fully contained, controlled indoor tanks. Strict biosecurity and on site laboratories are in place to ensure a consistent high quality fresh shrimp

Prior to harvest, our shrimp are purged in fresh sea water for 6 hours to remove any waste remaining in the stomach. Because our shrimp are tropical, when harvested, the shrimp are put into an ice water bath to kill them instantly and ensure maximum freshness. Our shrimp are shipped within minutes of packing.